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MYCS Program

The Mentoring Youth Career Stimulation program will provide a resource for our future community leaders by pairing mentees with mentors in similar career paths through motivation, experience and insight. ​

Through the application process Mentees have expressed a desire to enter into the MYCS program. Mentors will guide Mentees through the career development and skill acquisition process to acquire meaningful employment. ​

The program allows Mentees to get experience that compliments and gives context to academic pursuits,​ expands career options by learning job search strategies​, exchange knowledge, insights, and experience with a mentor.​

Upon completion of the program mentees should be able to enter the employment world with the tools and knowledge to begin a successful career. 


Career mentors are trusted guides that act as an informal coach, role model, and connector, offering encouragement and advice.

A good mentor:

  • Is recognized as a mentor by their peers.
  • Has the desire to help less experienced people.
  • Sees solutions and opportunities that help mentees make sense of their goals and challenges.
  • Can stimulate a mentee's thinking and reflection.
  • Actively listens with an open-mind and without judgement.
  • Is empathetic to the experiences of a mentee.
  • Sees being a mentor as a way to personally grow and learn.

Benefits of being a mentor

  • Gained satisfaction in building up the self-worth of a new professional.
  • Diversified professional networks by exploring new connections on behalf of their mentee.
  • Practiced leadership and interpersonal skills through coaching, communication, and active listening.
  • Helped a new professional leverage unplanned events in their life and career.
  • Contributed to the long-term growth of their industry.
  • Gained fresh perspective on work-related practices.
  • Experienced career rejuvenation.

Mentors are expected to:

  • Work in the South Western Ontario area.
  • Draw on personal experience, successes, failures, and insights to assist their mentee.
  • Want to improve their skills as a mentor.
  • Be available for the time and frequency agreed upon in the Mentoring Agreement.
  • Be open to giving and receiving feedback with their mentee.
  • Be interested in learning from someone with a different background and experiences.

Mentoring Events

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If you have any further questions, please contact:


Phone: 519.736.5433