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MYCS Program

The Mentoring Youth Career Stimulation program will provide a resource for our future freedom achievers by pairing mentees with mentors in similar career paths through motivation, experience and insight. The Program brings mentors and mentees together to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and connections mentees need as they transition into their career.

Program Objectives

  • Provide mentees insight into various professions
  • Provide real world feedback from Mentors who have excelled in their field
  • Provide guidance and directions on how to find employment in these professions
  • Provide mentees with tools to aid in their career pursuit


Attributes of a Good Mentor

  1. Recognized as a mentor by their peers.
  2. Has the desire to help less experienced people.
  3. Sees solutions and opportunities that help mentees make sense of their goals and challenges.
  4. Can stimulate a mentee's thinking and reflection.
  5. Actively listens with an open-mind and without judgement.
  6. Empathetic to the experiences of a mentee.
  7. Understands being a mentor as a way, to personally grow and learn.

Benefits of being a Mentee

At the end of the program mentees will have received:

  1. Information, advice, and guidance from experienced professionals.
  2. Non-judgmental feedback.
  3. New contacts and community connections.
  4. Realistic, first-hand information about career paths, jobs, industries, and work settings.
  5. Insight and clarity about career requirements and future goals.

Expectations of the Mentor

  1. Draw on personal experience, successes, failures, and insights to assist their mentee.
  2. Want to improve their skills as a mentor.
  3. Establish Expectation with the Mentees.
  4. Be available for the time and frequency agreed.
  5. Be open to giving and receiving feedback with their mentee.
  6. Be interested in learning from someone with a different background and experiences.
  7. Be open-minded.
  8. Acquire a Police Clearance Check.

Mentoring Events

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If you have any further questions, please contact:


Phone: 519.736.5433